a french roomset Portait Jumeau The Dandy 10″ Papier mache doll A rare 28 inch Portrait wax doll

Unfortunately the shop at Portabello has been temporarily closed due to unseen circumstances and increased rent and costs.  I would be very pleased, however, to be contacted by email: heather.bond@homecall.co.uk  or by telephone: 01737 249525 by anyone who wants to see me and enquire about dolls as I still have very good stock available and am still adding to it. I can arrange to meet up for a special meeting in Portabello.

I will be exhibiting in Judy Bebber’s show in May.

Doll fairs will be covered in the ‘Doll Advertiser’ magazine – the UK’s Premier Doll Magazine.  ‘An essential magazine with interesting features useful information and contacts for all Doll enthusiasts.’   For all enquiries to order the magazine, contact Judy Bebber, P.O. Box 75, Bridlington YO15 3YZ.

Heather Bond has been specialising in antique dolls and collectable dolls for many years including wax, bisque, porcelain of wax, papier mache, wood, paper, bisque, and china in all shapes and price ranges.

See my new Articles on “”Where do bebe Jumeau dolls come from?” and “The story of two wax dolls Circa 1800″

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